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Values & Beliefs

Russia , Energy and the Environment

It is worth considering how Russia, as a major supplier of oil and gas, can contribute towards new technologies and solutions in this era of renewed environmental responsibility. In Russia today there is an understanding that our resources are not infinite. There is also a growing realization that in order to address current environmental challenges and to provide a sustainable future for all, we must commit to investing in new technology and redouble our efforts to explore alternative technologies.

Investing in Culture and Art

It is impossible to evaluate investments in culture and art, talent and creativity in economic terms. But it is precisely these investments that bring the most valuable benefits to our societY, to the region, to our company and to each and every individual. While culture and education cannot be directly converted into money - they find their value in their effect on people, by improving their ability to compete, and in increasing their value in the job market.

News & Updates

Prokhorov Pledges $50,000 for Adopting Children Affected by US Ban
25 December 2012

Prokhorov reassures investors as he focuses on politics
29 October 2012

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