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Prokhorov Moves to Mining Village

Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, president of Onexim Group, has changed his official place of residence from Moscow to a small village in the Krasnoyarsk region where the main assets of his Polyus Gold are located, the region's press service said, RIA-Novosti reported.

"By all appearances, now Mikhail Prokhorov will pay his taxes into the regional treasury. Information concerning his registration in our region recently appeared," the service said.

Onexim confirmed the change in registration. "In such a difficult economic period, it is clear that one of the social goals of a business is to pay one's taxes fully, and it is probably better to pay them where the original source of that income is located," an Onexim spokesman said.

The village Yeruda, Prokhorov's new home, is located more than 700 kilometers from the city of Krasnoyarsk.

Source: The Moscow Times

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