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Billionaire Prokhorov pledges to publish his election program next week


Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, who plans to run for president next March, says he will publish his election program next week. He said that if he wins the elections, he will disband parliament and call new elections. The businessman stated this in an interview with a Moscow Echo radio station reporter at the Fair Elections rally in Moscow.

Prokhorov stressed that he agreed with the statement made by the rally's organizers that the elections to the State Duma, lower house of parliament had been rigged.

According to him, once all the presidential candidates are registered, they should get together and decide who will head the Central Electoral Commission. This will make the elections more trustworthy, he said.  

Prokhorov said he had managed to speak to the participants of the rally and that he shares their main demands.

Prokhorov did not make any public speeches at the meeting and left very quickly.   

Source: The Voice of Russia

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