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Onexim Group President Mikhail Prokhorov Heads Russia's Biathlonists Union


Mikhail Prokhorov, the president of Onexim Group, has been elected a new head of Russia's Union of Biathlonists on October 27, 2008. M.Prohorov after the dividing of their joint business with Vladimir Potanin has lost control on four large sports projects and he is going to invest in Russia's biathlon. However, in case of biathlon sport it looks rather perspective.

Former member of MMC Norilsk Nickel's team Mikhail Prokhorov already has a rich practice of organizing sports projects, but which he has lost in 2008 after dividing joint business with Vladimir Potanin and leaving Norilsk Nickel.

After the elections Mikhail Prohorov has declared, that he expects to apply received experience in game sport in biathlon that is included into number okf key sports in programs of winter Olympiads and possesses a great commercial potential. Mikhail Prokhorov said that it would be serious investments.

Valeriya Mironova, Kommersant

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