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A selection of excepts from speeches and presentations by Mikhail Prokhorov.


With global populations growing at a rapid rate, energy security is one of the greatest issues facing the world today. The future will rely on traditional forms of energy as well as "new" sources, such as wind, solar and hydrogen power.

Fuel Cells

In Russia today there is an understanding that our resources are not infinite. There is also a growing realization we need to redouble our focus and investment in new technology in order to address current environmental challenges.

On Charity

Pure charity - helping those who are in a difficult situation, who seek care and protectorship - is a natural human need to do good. A successful businessman can prove himself in this activity as someone who has more power to help people.

The Innovation Breakthrough

Mikhail Prokhorov’s speech during the 4th Annual National Business Congress 2 July 2008 on how to make the innovation breakthrough happen.

On the World Financial Crisis

This crisis discredits not only the banking system, but also the trust in the economics on the whole challenging and requiring the development of a new system of values and evaluation, of a new fundamental basis for trust. The governments of all the countries started “pouring” the money into the banking system, which is a necessary but insufficient condition for the return of trust. To break through, we need harmony of technologically professional measures taken by the authorities, on the one hand, and psychology of the market participants, on the other hand. If this does not happen, the monetary funds do not reach the real economy, but “hang” in the banking system.

Electric cars

At the moment, electric vehicles are pretty much where the car business was in 1898” – says Mikhail Prokhorov, Onexim Group owner. – “We’re at the point of great changes. In ten years’ time, electric cars will take up a major part of the car business, and Russia has every opportunity to join and drive this trend.

News & Updates

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25 December 2012

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29 October 2012

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Commentary and opinions: a selection of excerpts from speeches and presentations by Mikhail Prokhorov