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Excerpted from a February 2007 interview with Kommersant newspaper

There are a few global economic problems, and one of these is what we call "energy security".The number of people in the world as a whole is increasing by 1 percent each year, practically 30 million people, and they require energy. This is going to determine the development of the global economy for at least the next 20-25 years, and the global economy is not ready for it.

In my view, this is precisely where there will be a breakthrough. The energy of the future will combine traditional forms of energy and the so-called "new" sources of energy - wind, solar and hydrogen power. Traditional types of energy have two fundamental problems – the regulation of peak demand for energy, and its efficient storage. I believe that these problems will be solved by hydrogen energy, a field where great strides have already been made.

An innovative economy cannot be built on sand, it needs to be based on a solid foundation. Russia is a major power in the field of energy, and it is logical to develop innovation in precisely this sphere of operations. We want to create a company which will combine traditional energy with innovative energy.

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